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energy and repair-cost savings make retrofitting your commercial HVAC equipment a smart choice.

As energy costs continue to rise, having an energy-efficient cooling system in place is critical. The high cost of a new unit can be prohibitive, and replacing HVAC equipment for commercial or industrial facilities is often done out of absolute necessity. Upgrading your existing equipment is an affordable alternative to extend your HVAC equipment’s life cycle while improving performance and reliability.

Why Retrofit Your HVAC Equipment?

  • Save on the cost of a full replacement unit
  • Extend the life cycle and improve the performance of existing equipment
  • Reduce downtime and required maintenance for an outdated system
  • Increase energy efficiency and indoor air quality

How We Determine If You Need A Retrofit

Oklahoma Chiller offers retrofit solutions that can enhance comfort and improve indoor air quality while saving you money on energy costs and repairs. We can help you determine the point at which it no longer makes sense to keep throwing money at a failing piece of equipment and find the most cost-effective plan to upgrade your system. We will do a comprehensive analysis of the cooling capacity you need and customize the solution to your building, rather than implement a costly off-the-shelf package that may be more than required. Because we work with all major manufacturers, we can shop for the best price on retrofit parts and upgraded equipment without compromising quality.

Find out more about our approach.

We take what you have and make it better

For example, chiller energy consumption is driven by the load and by the temperature of the water entering the condenser. Reducing either the load or water temperature saves energy. In many cases, simply upgrading the motor control from constant to variable speed using a variable frequency drive (VFD) can result in significant cost savings. The VFD system adjusts to changing load characteristics or lower condenser water temperatures by varying the chiller compressor motor’s speed, which can cut electrical energy use by as much as 30 percent. Of course, every scenario is different, and a chiller motor compressor VFD retrofit may not be the optimal solution for your facility. Our experienced technicians will work with you to explore all the options and find the most cost-effective and efficient upgrade options to meet your needs and budget.


We fulfill the entire retrofit process, from design to commissioning, assembling a team of other trades when needed, and coordinating all the work necessary to complete the project on schedule. You have only one contractor to deal with, and our professional installation team can complete the retrofitting process with little or no downtime.

“Our retro-fit project had areas that could have put our plant at risk of a shut down. Your team did a good job with managing what was important, and provided a risk mitigation plan to ensure we did not have an interruption in our chiller plant that would shut us down. Preventing a shutdown was critical to our business that supports the US Military. You took us seriously and had a bulletproof solution that made it easy to sleep at night.

The team that worked on our retro-fit were a professional, respectful group, that did a good job keeping us connected to where we were in the project.”

Tony Charais
Operations Manager – Circuit Board Solutions / Ducommun Incorporated


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