Trust Coin Awarded to Customer



Trust coin awarded to customer 


Oklahoma Chiller’s Vice President of Oklahoma City Operations, Marshall Andrews, awards company Trust coin to customer, Jeremy Debaets. 

It was our pleasure at Oklahoma Chiller to present a company coin to Jeremy Debaets, one of our esteemed customers. Our coin program acknowledges individuals who exemplify our five core values: Excellence, Courage, Humility, Loyalty, and Trust. This internal program has now been extended to our customers, and we were proud to award the Trust coin to Jeremy, who was nominated by Marshall Andrews, our Vice President of Oklahoma City Operations. 

At Oklahoma Chiller, Trust is defined as the foundation of a partnership. Trust standing with someone in times of pain and joy, with their best interest in mind. Jeremy quickly became a trusted partner to Oklahoma Chiller through his honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Discovering customers who share our values is incredibly rewarding, and we are grateful for the opportunities that Jeremy has created for our Oklahoma City office. 

We take immense pride in our coin program and are thrilled to continue recognizing and expressing gratitude to our valued employees and customers. It extends beyond mere marketing of a product or service; it involves establishing meaningful relationships with individuals who share our beliefs. We look forward to the future of this partnership with Jeremy and many other valued customers. 

Trust Coin

Moments like today remind me that work is so much more than work. ”

Jeremy D., Utilities Director / OU
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