Oklahoma Chiller’s Television Debut



Oklahoma Chiller’s Television Debut


Oklahoma Chiller is elated to release the company’s first television commercial across a variety of Tulsa and Oklahoma City news and sports channels.

This commercial showcases the heart of Oklahoma Chiller and spotlights several of our outstanding employees including Kris McKinley, Dale Landreth, EJ Britton, Jacob Rowan, Houston Short, and Kevin Cherry.

This Oklahoma Chiller commercial was produced with the intention of telling our company story- focusing less about what we do and more about who we are. While there are many companies that specialize in commercial HVAC, Oklahoma Chiller stands out from the rest because of our purpose and our people. Every employee at Oklahoma Chiller is blessed with unique abilities that allows us to provide our customers with an exceptional and unmatched experience.

As a company, Oklahoma Chiller holds the strong belief that we are called to do more than just serve our customers through exceptional commercial HVAC services. Oklahoma Chiller created this commercial with the intent to motivate viewers to explore their goals, dreams, and passions in the same way we empower our employees to exceed their personal and professional goals. While it seemed a challenge to convey our company message in a brief 30-second commercial, Ghost Cat LLC did an amazing job accurately representing our company narrative.

The commercial ends with the powerful message of “we are so much more than chillers,” because here at Oklahoma Chiller we prioritize building relationships, serving people, and transforming lives.

“We are so much more than chillers.”

– Oklahoma Chiller
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