Coin Program



Coin Program


We are more than just chillers! Oklahoma Chiller formally shares its latest initiative, the Coin Program.  

At Oklahoma Chiller, we embody a culture guided by five core values that drive our passion for building relationships, serving people, and transforming lives. Trust, Loyalty, Courage, Humility, and Excellence are not just words to us; they are the cornerstone of our company’s philosophy. 

We’re excited to officially share with you our latest initiative, the Coin Program, launched by our leadership team in 2022. This program recognizes and celebrates employees who consistently demonstrate our core values. They can be nominated and awarded a coin, symbolizing their embodiment of our values. We take great pride in honoring and rewarding our team members who go above and beyond to serve our clients and exemplify the integrity that guides our company. 

At Oklahoma Chiller, we understand that our success is not just measured by the services we provide, but also by the quality of the people who practice our philosophy. We believe that by prioritizing our values, we create a workplace that fosters growth, development, and a sense of belonging. We are more than just chillers; as our employees are a vital part of our mission to exceed expectations and make a positive impact in the communities we serve. 

We invite you to join us on this journey, where Trust, Loyalty, Courage, Humility, and Excellence are not just buzzwords, but the heart of our organization. 

Oklahoma Chiller Coin Program

“Culture is paramount to us at Oklahoma Chiller.  We firmly believe if we define and reward behavior that not only inspires our employees to be the best at their craft, but also challenges every one of us to be all that we were created to be-then and only then can we achieve our mission.  Internally and externally we want to make a meaningful impact on the world.  The coin program is one way we feel we can inspire each other to do just that. ”

– John Claybourn, President
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