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Emergency Preparedness


A sudden HVAC loss could cause a critical facility to shut down, resulting in a significant financial impact. The question: “What’s an Hour Worth?” is usually answered with big dollars and a loss of business. Below are some easy steps you can take now to mitigate your downtime:



Technician skill level during an emergency is huge. It could mean the difference between hours, or days, for installation. Short-cuts or inexperience will make a bad situation worse.

Local Equipment

Local equipment saves time. Most contractors source equipment from hundreds of miles away. Ask: is the equipment local and available 24/7 for immediate installation?


During temperature extremes, demand for temporary equipment is high and the type or size you need may not be available. Verify: the right equipment will be available when you need it.

Prepare Emergency Connections

Connecting to an existing water loop system can be challenging. A proper plan includes:
  • Nature and priority of the current loads
  • Size of temporary unit needed
  • Electric availability
  • Water and electric connection points
  • Space for a temporary unit
  • Egress security and safety

Even in a crisis, our skilled technicians will take the time to properly assess the cooling capacity and power requirements for your project and suggest a temperature control system that is best suited to your specific needs.

The utility and benefit of quick-connect external taps:
  • Reduces installation time significantly (potentially days to hours)
  • Eliminates security and safety risks of hoses and cables running through open, unsecured doors
  • The single best means of minimizing downtime dur ing an emergency

Business Continuity

Oklahoma Chiller has the largest mobile HVAC inventory and the fastest response time in the state.

  • Local inventory including 500-ton air-cooled units
  • Units available for most applications and load requirements
  • Chillers, packaged DX units, spot coolers and generators
  • Trailer and skid mounted for immediate mobilization
  • Offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City

For questions on emergency equipment, or to schedule a site evaluation, call 855.620.COOL

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