Case Studies

Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve

Building Automation System Controls • Commercial



The Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve is a community pillar that is dedicated to the preservation of Oklahoma’s history. When the Woolaroc facilities manager, Chris Buchanan, reached out to us, we were proud to help update their building automation system, while leveraging any savings possible.
Their existing Building Automation System (BAS) was no longer supported by the vendor, and future service requests were uncertain. Maintaining precise temperature and humidity levels is critical in preserving the delicate artifacts and paintings within the museum, so we researched the system and designed a unique solution.


Our BAS team leader proposed a plan that would meet the regulation needs of Woolaroc while also reusing a significant amount of the existing equipment and electronics – saving as much cost as possible while still resulting in the desired control ability for the museum.
  • Modified existing BAS with new systems
  • Incorporated existing HVAC equipment with little or no modification
“Oklahoma Chiller was the best company we have ever had work for us, they exceeded all expectations and helped preserve what we are known for, our museum.”

Chris Buchanan, Woolaroc Facilities Manager


Not only did Woolaroc manage to reclaim the necessary environmental control to keep exhibits safe and earn a substantial savings by reusing existing equipment, but the OK Chiller team was able to complete the job within a time frame that allowed the museum to continue with normal operation hours.


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