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Air Cooled Chiller, AHUs. Controls Install • Industrial



BIZJET needed to convert an existing airplane hangar (with no conditioned air) to a light machine shop with comfort cooling. Some of the owner’s concerns were:
  • Maintaining 75-degree temp during peak while staying within an acceptable humidity range (an overhead door would be opened at unknown times and durations)
  • Selecting equipment type and location
  • Coordinating installation alongside the workstation buildout


The following system was chosen to address the challenge:
  • Four identical air handlers
  • One air-cooled chiller
  • Two pumps
  • Building automation system to increase energy savings
Based on our various heat load calculations and scenarios, we designed a system with an air-cooled chiller instead of a water-cooled chiller to reduce the amount of equipment and eliminate the requirement for BIZJET to hire a dedicated manager for this building. We were also able to save money by utilizing fan automation instead of adding reheat to control humidity.
“Oklahoma Chiller was really organized from the initial start of the project. They evaluated our needs and made sure these needs were considered and focused on. Oklahoma Chiller’s process is very impressive, and they are very confident in it. Our needs were taken care of with the final product.”

MV Davis (Facilities Operations)


The project was completed within budget and on time. The air-cooled chiller system provided for lower maintenance cost than other options. The equipment selected is designed for industrial application and long-term use, thereby lowering the customer’s total cost of ownership.
  • 50% maintained relative humidity
  • 75° maintained temperature during peak cooling


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